Unsure of it all…Marital Property? Custody?

After doing so much research, I am at a loss because I still don’t know what is the best way to distribute our property… couldnt I just keep the house? Is there a way to do that? Even if I can’t afford it? What will he say when I pose the question.

I shouldn’t care because after all, 13 years and counting, have gone by without him approving anything coming from me. Took him years to finally realize we really needed to buy our own place. But I put a plan into place, met with realtors, found good programs, even went on home finding expeditions. There really was no alternate option for him.

I have been doing just that now. For the divorce process to finally come to fruition. I’ve done all the divorce forms and copying. I’ve gathered important documents and money. Ive obtained employment (although only PT). I’ve finished my education and obtained my degree. Have friends willing to help out. What else could be missing? The little details.

My bigggest fear is our daughter. If I want to stay in the house until it’s sold, why can’t I? But my sister is right, he won’t suddenly dissapear. If anything my life will get more complicated I think. He will want to stop by after work… Will want to also “put her to bed”, And: “pray”… read a book or two.. Then what? Will she be upset that he’s leaving and cry herself to sleep? I can’t let that happen. Everyone thinks I should move out, like he wants (he said so), and just get it over with.
But where do I go? I don’t wish to run over to my mom’s… she’s far … why should I uproot my dd…? That’s another thing, with me leaving, he’ll just say she has to stay with him. The school and church are nearby and yada yada.

Where do you go from here?
This man has run my life for so long I know he won’t just quit.


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