Compensation? For one helluva ride? Sure

In looking for information on becoming familiar with the entire divorce process, I have come across a wonderful site called
In it there’s plenty of information that I sought to find answers for my endless questions as I walk this path.

Learning about important aspects of this ordeal such as alimony and others, has led me to a lot of websites throughout the Internet. This one in particular offers just enough information about the basics. Of course, from a legal standpoint.

There are checklists, do’s and don’ts, and tips for the non-lawyer Pro-se litigant (that’s me) that are very helpful. In the Alimony department, for example, I became aware of the different types. There’s temporary, rehabilitative, permanent as well as lump-sum and one other I can’t quite recall.

Although not everyone qualifies (there’s even a questionnaire to fill out and keep handy for future reference), I figured, I’ve been in this mess for over 13 years, staying home (not by choice) to care for the little one, and forbidden to seek work outside the home, hey I’m entitled to some sort of compensation! I would guess the type I would qualify for is Rehabilitative Alimony.

However, I’ve thought of just skipping that part and not asking for any at all. As a way of showing him I’m not interested in his money. I just want out. We’ll share custody. We’ll call it even. Well, I wasn’t aware that once you file your petition and fail to request compensation in the form of alimony, or spousal support, or maintenance, That you as the caregiver are entitled to, you forfeit your right to request it at a later date.

This, among other issues, is worth keeping in mind.