The Many Faces of Domestic Abuse


Every 15 seconds a woman is abused by her partner.

According to the there are countless women out there currently being abused in some way by their spouse. Turns out it isn’t just a matter of being hit by the person who “loves” us, but it includes other forms of abuse as well. Mental, verbal, emotional… It comes in many forms seemingly subtle, escalating sometimes to horrendous crimes of passion.

“Four million women in America are beaten in the safety of their own homes every year by the men who “love” them; husbands and boyfriends beat and kill their wives and lovers…”

I’ve taken the test and here’s what I discovered: I have been abused; AND I’m not alone in this.

It happens more often than we care to imagine. Could it be that in a marriage (or domestic partnership) one will naturally want to dominate the other? I wonder. Either way, it’s completely wrong and should not be allowed at all within a relationship that is based on trust and love for one another.

Here is part of the test.

Are You a Victim of Domestic Violence?

Are you being abused by your husband? Do you live in fear, isolation, and under someone else’s control?

 Has my husband ever hit, grabbed, shoved, pinched, slapped, or hurt me physically?
☑  Has my husband ever stalked me?
☑  Is my husband controlling, possessive, or jealous?

Does my husband:
☑  Throw or break things when he’s angry?
☑  Physically prevent me from leaving home?
  Get angry when I disagree with him?
☑  Tell me whom I can befriend, work with or speak to?
☑  Get irritated or frustrated with my appearance, behavior or friendships with others?
  Smother me with apologies and gifts after an angry explosion?

Now, although these have occurred in the past, ever since my husband realized I am no longer under his spell, he has considerably stopped the behavior. I no longer allow him to control what I can or cannot say, who I visit, etc. but I still get the irrational outbursts of anger. He still has issues with my conversations with others, my opinion, and of course, still accuses me insessantly of seeing someone else, of lying, and of course of not spending time with him. Who would?! It’s scary when he starts to behave crazy. I hate it.

I know there’s no logical reason to stay in this relationship when this is what I’m experiencing. I deserve peace and quiet in my life and that is among the many reasons why I’m bailing out. I hate the drama. I hate what he has done to me. Similarly, if you or someone you know is undergoing this kind of treatment, know there is help out there and there is a way out.

Let’s do it before it’s too late.