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Ah, Divorce Lawyers.

I have done some research on family law, more specifically, lawyers. In fact, I work directly with attorneys, just non-litigating attorneys… and definitely not the ones dealing with couples splitting up.

I must say, Family Law Attorneys are sometimes hard to decipher. You’d think they’d all be excellent! Or at least okay. Covering the basics, looking out for your wellbeing and future (or at least your children’s). Sometimes I wonder.

I went to see a divorce attorney locally,  right when I got the guts. I made the appointment. It was on my birthday, in December, some time ago. Who keeps count anymore?  But I owed it to myself to seek expert counsel. So I went with the suggestion of a great attorney friend who deals with Personal Injury cases.

She seemed nice. She was located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, short drive from me taking I-95 and in researching her credentials, seemed like a good match. She met with me after filling out the paperwork, explained  a few things, informed me on some interesting , and even mentioned she got herself out of a similar situation. Perfect! Right?


She proceeded to tell me that although it was a good idea to leave the house, it wouldn’t be easy getting custody and no word on alimony. Offered no new ideas or helpful information regarding Florida Laws or Mediation or even counseling!  In addition, she even went as far as saying she mostly represented the [deadbeat] “dads”… Now, how does that help me??

Needless to say, I went home frustrated that day.  So much for a birthday celebration! Still, I went back on search mode. Who can help me the most? An attorney who is out to “get you” (or at least your wallet), or myself? After all, I research the law every day… I can do all the research for free ( mostly) myself. And be a lot more prepared than that.

I am continuing the research, have all my forms filled and set up. I’ve done the calculations for both support and alimony. And I’m drawing up the settlement agreement. I like to know things up front.

This past week, however, I ran into a sweet lady whom I’ve encountered down the hall a few times. Turns out she is a Divorce attorney! Well, what do you know! We’re having lunch this week. The same week my daughter turns 11. The same week my father flies back home.

It’s all turning out good. I’m ready for the ride.


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