Abusers – DID I MARRY ONE?

I came across this and can’t help to see myself in this person’s shoes…

If you argue with him, he says you’re stubborn.
If you’re quiet, he argues even more.
If you call him, he says you’re needy and clingy.
If he calls you, he thinks you should be grateful.
If you don’t act like you love him, he’ll try to win you over.
If you tell him you love him, he takes advantage of you like a doormat.
If  you dress sexy, he says you look slutty.
If you don’t dress nice, he says you look like a slob.
When you don’t sleep with him, he says you don’t love him.
If you do sleep with him, he satisfies ONLY himself.
If you confide in him with an issue, he holds it against you,
If you don’t, he says you don’t trust him.
If you bring up a problem, he says you’re a complainer.
If he brings up a problem, he says you don’t listen.
If you break a promise, you “can’t be trusted”.
If he breaks it, it’s because “he had to” and has reasons to support it.
If you are suspected of lying, he will punish you.
If he does it, it’s okay and he has reasons for it.


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