Splitting up= Getting a divorce= Freedom!

These are what I’m geared to focusing on from now on. After talking to that attorney I realized I was letting it get me down and into a depression. No, no, no.

I’m telling myself the following:

1. Dont fall for the “economic victim” syndrome. You will not resolve anything being fearful of the what if.
2. Overcome false excuses. Don’t resign yourself to living a desolate/abusive marriage, paralyzed by the fear that you will take too steep a drop in the standard of living.
3. Be motivated by the fact that 75% of women who divorce experience little if any drop in standard of living!
4. There’s a great potential for positive life-changes
5. No longer fear the strict religious dictates of your husband or his parents.
6. Divorce does not impoverish women. Don’t expect it, don’t accept it.
7. I’m standing on firm ground from now on, instead of shaky.

Some quotes taken from the book: How to Know When its Time To Go.