The Purpose of Life

Laughing girl
Image by doug88888 via Flickr

November is the month to give thanks.

I’m reading this morning the usual Monday morning newsletter by wise teacher Rabbi Kalman, and it describes the purpose of life as….


Who would’ve thought?

It goes on to state that the ultimate pleasure is being close to God.

How do we obtain that?

Through trials, I believe. Because during my trials, my most difficult times, I rely on Him. That’s not to say I’m a saint. Far, far from that. I fall short. Very short. Even thinking of divorce makes me feel guilty. Because I know it’s wrong. BUT IS IT?

I strive to please Him in everything I do. And those trials draw me closer to Him. I may be struggling with making bad decisions and fixing them myself, AND I may not know all the answers, but I persevere. And I know He is and will always be with me.

Thank God!


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