The Problem with Divorce

I have to get it done.

Easier said than done!

When a marriage involves kids it becomes incredibly complicated, doesn’t it? Speaking with a lawyer about what’s to come I was advised to think about it and in the meanwhile spend as much time as possible with daughter and perhaps finish that degree so needed. Well guess what I’m doing. Yep.

This past summer I’ve enrolled in the local university here in South Florida. I’ve always wanted to become a surgeon, but the time spent in school doesn’t warrant it. So off I go to get my nursing degree. I’ve accomplished one main goal I wouldn’t get to do had I filed in haste. By the time I’m forty I’ll be working on my Master’s degree. Beautiful isn’t it? Better late than never.

In the meanwhile, my daughter is still within my care.. My husband leaves me alone while I study.. And everyone lives happily ever after.

Well, at least until my daughter is slightly older.

I still remember when my own parents divorced and my mom moved us 3,000 miles away from him. God, I hated living my young days without my father. I’d hate that for her… He is, AT LEAST, still very good to her. And truth is, no one can ever replace a dad. You just can’t trust anyone anymore these days.