Domestic Violence Awareness Month- I did it!

English: Broken Heart symbol
English: Broken Heart symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Made the move. Set everything up.

Spoke with soon to be ex (STBX) this past weekend. It was extremely stressful. But his attitude this past few days, cooking/cleaning/helping out around the house lets me know he’s in denial.

Not only in denial but he is trying his usual best to convince me to go his way, right down to the minor request to go for more counseling, promising yet again that he would really change and walking in with a handful of red roses (conveniently, as I was disregarded for anniversary and Mother’s Day).

I served him papers today.

How ironic that it gets done in October, marking Domestic Violence Awareness month. I’ve suffered emotionally for so long under the spell of this narcissist jerk.

For those who don’t know, the month of October is a time to reflect on those who have lost their lives or been victimized by their abusers, as well as congratulate and praise those who help them and stick up for them.

I’m glad to be proceeding along. I am sorry, though, that it has taken me so long.

If anything, I have learned, as I finally have the courage to break free, that there are so many silent victims of abuse. With no help, we endure pain in the quietness of our homes. Under the seemingly perfect lives that narcissists portray for the outside world to see.

There is hope!

We can break free with help. I couldn’t possibly have done this alone. And although I am still a bit scared, I am encouraged enough by my support group (& we need constant support due to the vast psychological damage). Learning long ago how important it is to surround your wounded self with positive people who hear you and understand you, as well as offer a shoulder to lean on and encourage us, has helped me tremendously.

There’s no need to hide behind closed doors any more. And as I march along, hopefully others will follow suit.

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