No such thing as Friendly Divorce

Was I dreaming?

I must’ve been. I could’ve sworn my husband agreed to split things equally and let my daughter and I live in our house for a time. I should’ve recorded him.

It was hard to believe but I thought “Hey, the gods must be on my side!” I was dreaming. And he’s fighting me full force now.

I guess 15 years of suffering by his side wasn’t enough. He doesn’t think my staying home with our child for so many years, putting off work and promotions and bonuses for spit-ups and play dates, and sore breasts from breast feeding six times a day for 9 months was enough to warrant more time with her and alimony. No, Siree.

I was dreaming when I hoped and crossed my fingers as I said to my friends, “I’ll try to aim for a friendly divorce. We’ll get along just fine. We will split holidays and weekends just like two civilized parents who want the best for their child.”

I was dreaming. Of course, a “friendly” divorce is an oxymoron, it’s like calling fire a “friendly fire.” Is there such a thing?

Now, how will this all end? Who knows. I’m supposed to now yield to him the house, more than half his retirement, and split my daughter’s time with him because he doesn’t want to pay me a single dime… How’s this possible?

Could he win all that?

Are judges stupid enough to not see through his stupid allegations and empty promises?

I just want him to grant me the divorce. I absolutely hate being married to this %#&€%.

The only good thing about him was (and is) his mother. She and I happen to also share the same birthday. The poor thing has been staying with us while her husband is in rehab for some issues with his knee (or was it his heart?)… Doesn’t matter, his weight issues over the years were brought upon himself. He never believed me when I said over-eating is dangerous in the long run. You can literally eat yourself to death, however a very slow death. *sigh* Do people ever learn??

Unfortunately I fell into that trap too. I never learned my lesson. I dated a physically abusive boyfriend in high school and then married another whose emotional and psychological abuse wrapped me tight from the start.

Thankfully I’ve learned to trust people again but not necessarily believe everything I hear. I even learned from him to second-guess my own parents! Yikes! That should’ve been my first clue.

Take it with a grain of salt, that’s what I do now.