Failed Marriage? Perhaps, but who cares.

Reading a reader’s blog: Eventually I am reminded that I, too, must be going through a stage of this “failed marriage”.

I wonder… how many of us are out there?

It’s got to be many.

Especially since statistics show that almost half of ALL MARRIAGES END IN DIVORCE.

Sad, sad news for the world.


What is a failed marriage? When you stop to analyze it, it sounds so bad. So, so bad.

It’s like we threw in the towel. We didn’t give it our all. We re-shifted our focus toward something else instead of working out the kinks in our lives together.


That’s what we’re supposed to do: work things out together.

But what happens when one isn’t pulling his/her share? The darn thing is bound to collapse. One cannot assume the role of both in a marriage.

Marriage takes two: teamwork. Once one of them withdraws from the team, is hard to get that winning end-of-the-line trophy when it was started by two members. Or is it?


The hard part is our little ones getting caught in the middle. Our kids now must suffer the consequences of this. Will they be alright? I’m sure they will. But it takes time. And going through all those stages at their young age is hard on them as well as us too. Maybe even harder.

What can we do to help them? We must ensure they don’t see us upset all the time… crying, depressed, upset. Because life goes on. We must try for their sake. I know what my child can handle at her tender age. I want her to know there is hope. It’s not all bad. There’s still good outcomes from all of this. You just don’t see it yet. It brings hope, much needed hope.

I would never agree that it was a failed marriage (no one needs to know that), but that it was great while it lasted. And something really precious happened as a result of that union. A wonderful gift that lasts, with God’s blessing, a lifetime.

I pray that all the young souls living through this will be comforted… always.


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