Mediation first in divorce proceedings? You bet!

Redheaded child mesmerized.

Just when you think you can’t go much further dealing with your STBX, something happens…. You are sent a notice that scares the pants off you…Mediation.

In front of an ex judge, no less. A female judge who presided here in this same county in the 80’s! ha! That is just what I wanted.

Someone must be looking out for me.

You see, judges currently in family court here in my county are horrible, mean, and I mean that. No care for the well-being of the child, just split the darn little bugger in half (as if they were Solomon-the wise).

Do they take in consideration such important factors like mine?

Doubt it.

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for all her life, taking care of her before and after school, doing the running around, activities, play dates, doctor appointments, etc., etc. Would our child really benefit from that equal time? I don’t see how it’s possible. How will he do it when she’s splitting the week between us? (I can at least report we have worked out a schedule that will work out fine… I hope.  Splitting time equally and I’ll sacrifice for her but because it’s what I want to do and chose to do).

Or how about in other cases…

Lets take one I came across recently in the hallway, where a client whose spouse is in constant battle with bottles of both booze and pills? Should the child really spend equal time with “both” parents? Come on. Only an ignorant-a fool, can’t see through that.

  • Reports of misbehavior? Check.
  • Custody parent missing for days? Check.
  • Daughter in another county with relatives too often? Check.

These factors SHOULD be taken into account when splitting time down the middle.

It’s obvious who wants to keep their support at minimum. It’s also obvious who doesn’t benefit from this arrangement in the long run: kids.

Well, to make a long story short, as we mediated for a grueling six hours, we were able to resolve the main points we originally had trouble agreeing with. Like I mentioned, we split time equally with child because there’s no getting around Florida rules, I’ll get to keep the house as its value doesn’t hold in this market for sale (of course with some stipulations regarding its sale, as well as renting it out), and also, alimony and investments are provided as usual. Voila!

All done! (as our daughter would say).

Sniff, sniff. The sad end.


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