Warning: Petting Can Be Helpful to Your Health!

This sure looks a lot like my darling boy.

I don’t remember where I read it… but I did come across it once or twice.

Having pets can be therapeutic to your health and may even increase our lifespan.

Yep. Owning a pet can be so good for us.

Pets help us feel better as they help us deal with stress.

Petting animals can have many benefits, including for example, lowering our blood pressure, hence contributing to our overall health.

Well, I have to agree that my darling cat has brought me lots of joy and calm/relaxation moments that I would not trade for the world. His playfulness and relaxing positions bring a smile to my face every time, even when I am feeling anxious or uptight.

When I have been in a sad mood, or overly stressed with work/school/decisions/life, I have picked up my kitty, whom we named Tiger but seldom call him that, and while holding him tight and stroking him, I can feel most of my worries/sadness/stress just simply melt away.

I would gladly recommend to anyone wanting to experience some stress relief as well to go pet an animal.

Whether it’s a dog or a cat.

It doesn’t matter.

Spend time with a furry one and see how good they can make us feel 🙂


One thought on “Warning: Petting Can Be Helpful to Your Health!”

  1. Cats are even better since their purring happens at a special frequency that de-stresses people. My cat tends to sleep on my chest in the morning and that’s when I get my purrs in.


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