Sacrifices – Children, Marathons

Smile...Smile...Smile ;-)!

We all make sacrifices. And I’m not talking about bloody ones either. This isn’t about that.

I’m referring to the sacrifices we have to make so that other things in life don’t just fall apart. Like when we must give up of our time to stay and finish a project at work, or the more simple ones like watching that chick flick with your friend/sister because that’s what she wants to watch.

Yeah, those are some forms of sacrifice.


But I’m talking about long-term sacrifices.


Specifically the having children ones.

I was once speaking with a guy-friend who claimed there was no point in having children. I distinctly remember the whole conversation because from a guy’s point of view it seemed pointless to want or have any kids.


I’ve thought about our conversation many times. How sad when people just don’t see it.

I mentioned if there’s no reason to have them then how would his mom feel right now that she’s lost her husband and without a son she would be pretty lonely. Not to mention, who would ensure she’s ok, help her with the house, and make certain her health is in check?

Sure. At first glance, having kids may appear to be pointless, especially when others are having so much fun. Of course, in his eyes his friends who are parents are somewhat limited to what they can do, they’re exhausted, sure, and they can’t just go have fun and drink beer and hang out any time, only because they got a family–kids in the house.


Well, it’s called sacrifice.


We parents choose to sacrifice many times, good times, even great times, but for the sake of our family, our kiddos, our future. Trust me, it’s worth it in the long run.

Now this grown man, my friend, couldn’t see beyond the loud cries, and the snot-nosed kids his friends were looking after. He figured, Why give up your life, your fun, your time, for the sake of others??


Remember, it’s only momentarily.


I’ve had to sacrifice quite a bit since having mine a decade ago. My career had to wait. My finances and my life in turn had to take the backseat. My time has been occupied with someone else’s things. My life runs according to my child’s schedule and that’s by choice. And, yes, I love it.

But to get to where I am now, those sacrifices seem like nothing. I’d gladly do it again.


I look forward to seeing her graduate, accomplish all her goals, and start her life: her grown up life.


I’m glad I’m important in her life, my time and effort instrumental in her well being. It’s the most awesome feeling.

Baby, Grandma, and a Dog

So what if we must sacrifice the now for tomorrow? I look forward to the person she’s becoming and having her in my life as a product of my effort.

If you’ve ever been in a marathon, you know the sacrifice you make to train is hard HARD work. But isn’t getting through that morning run and looking at that clock when you fly by so awesome?

Knowing that all those heavy meals you skipped, those drinks, those painful muscles, those night outs you gave up, are all worth it in the end!


I can taste the sweet reward of making it to the finish line.


Sacrifice comes with its awesome rewards.


Our children are THE sacrifice worth making.


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