No-one Tells You Any of This Prior to Divorce


No one tells you…

How much pain is involved in divorce.

The devastation can feel so brutal at times. At incredibly random times.

No one tells you…

The emptiness you feel throughout your very soul when suddenly being all alone.

How sometimes there’s hardly a purpose to do anything, or dress up and go out, or even sometimes to eat.

No one tells you you’ll dread those silent moments when you wish your house was filled up again with laughter or talks, or noise from other rooms where radios and computers and TVs are playing to oftentimes no audience.

No one tells you…

How you’ll wish to hug your babies back again and re-live those precious moments.

No one tells you how hard it is to say goodbye when it’s your ex’s turn to be with your child.

No one tells you… how difficult it is to know you’re a parent but that for THAT moment you must live as a single person and must pretend you’re childless. Or… How suddenly you will empathize with those who have lost their child. Oh how much pain they must’ve endured!

Really. No one tells you.


2 thoughts on “No-one Tells You Any of This Prior to Divorce”

  1. Divorce is one of those things that is usually only talked about in hushed tones by those in the midst of it. That was one of my complaints when I first looked for support – everyone talking about it was in the same early stages that I was or was so far removed that I couldn’t relate. I think we try to forget the pain we felt. We pretend it never existed once it has faded from the forefront. It’s interesting – I actually get pushback from people for writing about how I felt (past tense) when I no longer live that pain. Moving on does not mean denying the past.


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