Time to Make a List!

My bucket list

This morning I came across a fellow blogger’s article and liked the idea of a list of must-do’s for the year 2013.

And we all know how I feel about lists 😉

Since there’s about 75 days left in the year I want to make the list for 2014 so that when the year comes around I can start (or at least “attempt“) to check things off.

If you’re interested in doing one you should!

Days are busy lately so I will post them randomly and hope to accomplish getting them written down in time for New Years! Yay!!

So… Let’s raise our glass to new beginnings this coming year 2014. And perhaps get our list of things we each want to do all set.

MY list of things do (first 15):

  1.  Spend more quality time with daughter.
  2. Start up our old mommy/daughter dates again 🙂
  3. Visit the Disney parks again.
  4. Finish my classes each semester.
  5. Go to new areas of the state I’ve never visited.
  6. Go to the Keys.
  7. Travel to Europe. Specifically Italy!
  8. Learn a new language I can use during my travels to Europe. (Italian!)
  9. Run a marathon (well at least a half marathon, I’ve done the 5k)
  10. Spend more time loving onto friends n family (reconnecting, making them feel special, saying I love you, etc.).
  11. Get house repainted inside (at least 2 rooms).
  12. Visit family in Texas, cousins I haven’t seen in ages.
  13. Go on a date.
  14. Make front of house prettiest in the block.
  15. Try new recipes (top chef meals) like chicken cordon bleu, carrot soup, tortilla española, and even chicken pot pies, cornbread, all from scratch.

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