When “Selfies” go too far



We all seem to do them… (Well, most of us with time on our hands and fancy schmancy smartphones).

During the Oscars a selfie was taken during the show ….. OSCARSselfie
Even the First family is doing it!

Ever seen or wonder why so many are pointing their phones and snapping themselves for others to see? The ones chronicling their lives… during school, while vacationing, eating, drinking, partying, etc.

Is this a new trend or an addiction?

I have friends that post so many of these pictures on all kinds of media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (list goes on and on!). Some are cute, others… I wonder.

But, really, I think we are going too far, don’t you? Sometimes it does, and it can go wrong. Very wrong. I was reading an article about one who did go too far by posing with a gun and dying. Read how… Man shoots himself in head while posing for gun selfie. Unbelievable.

It is such a sad realization that our new addiction can end up this way for someone. But let’s not criticize him for being this or that and not having the right mind to know better.

Now, the newest sellotape selfies are just plain stupid in my opinion. The latest trend to distort your face into an ogre using large amounts of tape. Yes! TAPE. Like the scene from “Yes Man” the movie with Jim CareyCAREYtheogre




How many of you out there are snapping pics while driving (putting so many in danger), while walking (putting yourself in harms way on occasion)? Yeah. Most of us are guilty of that. And I see them as a form of selfishness, much like a suicide. “Look at me!” – each picture says.

I think this trend of selfies/selfishness has gone overboard. In some cases causing more harm than good. I’m personally tired of selfies.

Ok, ok. As a mom who cares about enjoying time with her daughter, we will snap one or two. On occasion my daughter and I will take one to remember that day. It’s been helpful after my divorce to keep things sane and normal, so we do a lot of fun things together. But then again, my phone’s memory is always full.

But this serious addiction of taking selfies, then posting and posting some more online… Where do we draw the line?


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