Depression. Sadly.

When I read the word depression it brings back sad thoughts. It reminds me of the many days I spent depressed. They aren’t the fondest memories. But they are there.

I remember my world looking so bleak and dreary, even though I had so much to be happy about. The walls in my spacious home seemed to close in on me.


So, why was I feeling that way, this awful depression and where did it really stem from?

God, I wish I knew.

I did see the signs… No desire to really do much, or get out of the house, nor call friends or family back. I felt tired all the time without having done much to cause it. The fact that my ex husband made me feel worthless didn’t help much. So, then how was I to get out if this funk?

I made it a rule to change, change, change.

My eating habits took a dramatic turn for the better. No more sugary foods or snacks. I tried to feed my tummy as if I was feeding my spirit with wholesomeness.

My thought process began with positive thinking as well. A steady diet of good thoughts began. Away went the ugly, negative thoughts that pushed me further down drowning me slowly.

I also got the notepad on my iPhone and made a list (if you’ve read my blog, you know how I feel about lists). This list consisted of every single thing I was happy and thankful for. I would yank it out and re-read when I was down in the dumps.

From that point on I was going to replace sad thoughts and pitiful conversations in my head with things like: “I AM WORTH IT, not worthless” “IT IS POSSIBLE, not impossible” “I KNOW THIS STUFF, not giving up right now!”

There’s a day coming soon, a couple of days away as a matter of fact, on October 9th, called National Depression Screening day. It is an annual event held each October on the Thursday of Mental Illness Awareness Week.

God I wish I had known about this before. During this event, local clinicians in all 50 states volunteer their time to offer free educational and screening programs at health facilities, shopping malls, libraries, colleges, workplaces and senior centers. In addition to obtaining a free depression screening, participants can find out where and how to access help, counseling and treatment.

Be careful. A simple answer to a serious question can mean you’re going to the nut house. Be sure to try to self-help with some of my ideas as well as others like exercising, getting out more often, joining local clubs, and most of all smiling. It’s amazing how smiling can just help our soul smile on. =-)

Check out more info at:

Those interested in attending a free screening can locate a site in their area by going online at

Let me know how it goes.


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