It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas is here!

Well, it’s come and gone but our family celebrates epiphany, or Three Kings Day, so we got a few more days to go.

But it’s now looking like the year is just about done though!


I gotta admit this year went so very fast!

Where does the time go??

It seems to go faster and faster each and every year. Especially now that I’m the big Four-Oh!

After my divorce was finalized last year I began to wonder when things would be “normal” again. Seemed like that would never happen.

But spending time during this holiday season with my adoring family, including daughter and fiancé, helped me realize all is well in the neighborhood and I can relax again. No more sorrow or pain. No more fears or “what-ifs”. My poor ex husband is having a hell of a time adjusting to his singleness. Didn’t occur to him that life was really good when he had a wife that cared, appreciated things, and did everything for him.

Looking back I notice that my planning to just have fun and be with my daughter this year in order to get over the heart wrenching family break-up we refer to as divorce, helped me tremendously. I needed to take one day at a time and be optimistic about the future. And guess what? It worked.

I’m hoping everyone gets a chance to look back and recap what this year was about and plan for an even better year this coming year 2015.

Be optimistic. Stay positive. Put a smile on, chin up, and never look back.

You go have a happy and prosperous New Year 🙂


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