“Googled” and other Fun New Words

Who knew there would be so much need for “Googling” so many things by so many folks!?!

Seems strange but Google is now such a useful part of our lives that we’ve come to use it as a verb nowadays. It’s one of those words that have been made up and yet have stuck, like “vaping” (Vape has been selected as the 2014 word of the year by Oxford. Ha! It is smoking yet with no smoke, go figure) and “selfie” (those pesky self pics everyone takes with their phones). Who knew?!

So why Google? Well for starters it just sounds good. If there’s anything I want to understand better I Google it. Divorcing? Yep let’s Google it. Need a map? A number? Info on a company? Read recent reviews of a movie or a gadget? Oh my! I so Google it. So simple. It takes about 30 seconds from flipping my iPhone on, pressing the Safari icon and keying my search terms (in some cases speaking it), and voila!! I’ve got my answer!

Am not ashamed to admit I love Google!

Ever ran across others who feel the same way? Yep, there’s many more of us out there in the vast and infinite World Wide Web who appreciate a fast search engine. There’s got to be a reason why it gets over a billion visitors a month. I know I’m beginning to sound like an advertisement but omg I hate ads. So scratch that.

There’s a whole thread in a forum somewhere where many have expressed their love and gratitude to Google. Seriously. I posted mine. Check it out and add yours:


Wonder what new words we will be incorporating into our world next.


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