To Trust or not to Trust

Isn’t amazing how much trust we put out there? Because after all, isn’t trust something we all should have?

We trust that while crossing the railroad tracks no trains will intersect us at that exact time. We wholeheartedly trust that all signals are functioning while driving through and that drivers around us, as well, have great driving skills like us. 😉

We trust that our kids will be safe to and from school and while there under the care of the school’s staff.

We trust that we will be safe and sound back home each evening. And on, and on, and on…

That’s a lot of trust!

Now, doesn’t all that trusting seem mind-boggling?

When we were kids we trusted in those around us because, frankly, we just didn’t know any better. How sad for those whose trust is violated.

And what about those who met someone while adults and thought, “He/She’s the One!” as they seemed so beautiful and perfect, but instead turned out to be quite the opposite with time. (Maybe not quite suddenly, but over time their ugly inner self reared its ugly head).

What if our friend and confidant hurt us–perhaps unintentionally–yet never apologized?? What’s up with that?

How in the world do we trust anyone again, or relearn to trust after all that?


I believe it takes time.

And very small baby steps.

But it can be done.

I had trust issues for a while there. And regarding some things I do have trust issues still… like relationships. Guess it comes with the territory. Divorce will do that to you. Once that person whom you trust breaks that trust, it is so difficult to put it back together exactly as it was.

But in the end, in order to move on with a relationship, there HAS to be some trust. And, I’m realizing that without trUSt there can’t be an “us” so I’m learning, with baby steps, to do just that. Trust.

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