Anyone who mistreats you isn’t worth your time

Life is short, they say.

I think life gives you plenty. Plenty of joy, plenty of opportunity. However, it can seriously get short next to someone abusive.

I remember one night my skin allergies were acting up. I was in bed, next to my husband at the time.

My wonderfully sympathetic husband got so annoyed at my itching that he grabbed me and violently pulled me to the bathroom, pushed me inside the tub and started the water with one punch.

I was crying.

He figured he could “cure” my incessant scratching of my legs by dousing me with cold water after dragging me there.

What a considerate man he was! Wasn’t he?

I tried to block out of my mind all the times he mistreated me. But they’re coming back.

This is one of those instances. These memories make me cry.

This is written in order to help someone out there who doesn’t know yet what the difference is between playfulness and plain meanness.

One thing is to tolerate occasional bad behavior from your significant other. It’s quite another to experience mistreatment. No one should have to live through what I did.

If I had read the signs carefully I would’ve prevented this incident.

He didn’t like to be bothered. I knew when I had asked one too many questions. I knew when I had dressed too provocatively, even I, the tomboyish flat chested girl I am. I knew when I was being antisocial for wanting to be by myself on occasion. On and on it goes.

When does it get better in a relationship with a man like that?


My only hope is that domestic violence (and ALL violence for that matter) is completely wiped out of the face of the earth. I can’t stand it.

Abusers are the bottom feeders of society and we need to steer clear of them.


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