I am in my late 30s and have finally, after so much time, decided to leave an abusive relationship.

I thought I had “wasted” all those years being married to him, but in the end, I feel like I learned a lot, and gained a lot too.
He hid behind his dour, puritanical ways and to me it seemed mistreating.

My weight yo-yo’d back and forth because I allowed it to control me and my emotions wreaking havoc on my body and image. I’ve suffered from depression soon after marrying. Gained 50 lbs within the first few months of marriage!

To top it all off, he was controlling in the worst ways. I couldn’t leave the house without permission. Couldn’t go to school without him making me feel guilty. Couldn’t take long out shopping without being harassed. Couldn’t even see my family without permission… The list went on and on.

I did everything I had to do to embark on a new road. These are my thoughts throughout my journey.


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m sorry for your pain and want you to join lifethrudivorce on our FB Community and website (coming soon). Our mission is to engage, enlighten and empower in a positive way, and provide you the resources you need during and after divorce. Please visit the FB page and share your voice.

    Michelle Zudeck
    Partner, Lifethrudivorce


  2. This is a very emotional message you’ve sent on this page and I applaud you for your strength. I want to share with you a good resource for your readers to understand more about the power of prenuptial agreements and how they can keep divorces less stressful then they have to be. Would you mind adding it to your blogroll for people to recognize? Thank you again for your message.


  3. Thank you for checking in on me at my blog, it wouldn’t allow me to reply to your comment there for some reason though, it means so much that you checked in. I am doing my best currently. Life has thrown some curve balls recently, well if life was using my ex husband as the pitcher haha. I have some new obstacles to overcome concerning him, and my children’s custody and well being, but beyond those things I am doing very well and am focused on staying strong and positive. 🙂 Thank you again, and I hope you are doing well yourself.


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