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Weight loss and Plain Vain Resolutions

Can the New Year bring me a new body PLEASE!!!?


….Or more money?

Or… a better job, new house, newer car, better husband after my divorce, (truer friends for that matter! He-he)

Here’s hoping, right!? These may seem like great resolutions for the New Year, but let’s be real: they’re requests that seldom get answered.

Resolutions? To hell with all of them. Who keeps their NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS anyway??

And you know we all have one (or two, or three…)

Twitter alone had the following amazing list of the highest ranked New Year’s resolutions:

  • Work out

  • Be happy

  • Lose weight

  • Stop smoking

  • Unplug

  • Be the best (at…)

  • Stop drinking

  • Love myself

  • Work harder

  • Don’t f–k it up

And blah blah blah…… Gotta love that last one!

Notice how we seem to be so focused only on the Me-Me-Me-Me?? What’s the use of focusing on ourselves if we’ve already tried these and discovered they don’t make us any better. My list last year is dead and forgotten.

So, we should lose weight.

Yeah. Probably because we over-ate during the entire year, but now magically want to return like a rubber band to our original size four. Ha! Has it even worked for yo-yo weight loss gal Kirstie Alley?

So, we should be happy.

Really…. And for what reason? And how in the world do I accomplish that goal?

Well, for starters, here’s how we should try:

  • stop and smell the roses (literally stop and enjoy the fragrance of flowers or babies, or even pay attention to the details in an intricate painting);
  • give value to life and those around you no matter how ugly it may seem;
  • appreciate all the little things: hug your family members as you never know when and if you will ever see them again

Ok. So we know all this already.

What is a “resolution” anyway? Well, we need to resolve something, don’t we? According to Webster’s Dictionary, it is the act of resolving or determining something to resolve; a firmness of “resolve”. Therefore, a resolution is when we make a definite and serious decision to do something: resolve it.

What a way to be even more judgmental about ourselves! Resolving to change our very own lives because of the amount of displeasure.

But how about instead, we make it a point, like in the article by Huffington Post says, to focus on the good that has happened, instead of the bad. There’s nothing to fix or resolve.

Now, go enjoy the New Year focusing on the great last year we all had and resolve to have another one like it (or better!).

Happy Three Kings Day!