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What makes us who we are as parents?

Being a parent may not be all that easy.

But it is incredibly rewarding.

It gives you a sense of completeness. I understand now the meaning of humans wanting to procreate so their seed is passed down and somehow feel like you truly live forever.

It’s a beautiful thing!

As I was reading today an email I received from Maria Gracia, at , she talked about her little girl graduating. She was so proud of her as any awesome parent would be.

She also talked about how each child was given a project to complete a “poem” of sorts, the “I Am” poem. She challenged her readers to take on the same challenge and “finish” one as well. The basics were started for us.

Writing the following words made me realize how important being a parent really is. No matter what happens to us as adults and how much we screw up, our kids are always there and will mirror us as they grow. Whatever we teach them, that’s what they’ll become. Parenting our kids is everything.

Amazing huh?

So take the challenge yourself, and finish one on your own. Just take the first few words of each sentence and complete it with your own.

Here is my poem.

‘I Am’ Poem

I am a woman but most of all I am a MOM
I wonder what life will be like for my child as an adult.
I hear her young laughter often in my head
I see the future when I look at her young soul
I want to continue to see her grow up beautifully before my very eyes.
I am: MOM

I pretend to be calm when am actually worried about her.
I feel so happy when all is well and we’re all together safe and sound.
I touch the heavens every time she’s happy and giddy!
But I often worry that I’m not doing a very good job.
I may cry whenever I miss something dear to me… Like my little girl.
I am: MOM

I understand her need to be independent as she grows.
And I will say to myself, she’s ok on her own.
I dream of the day when I’ll see her all grown up n well established.
Sometimes I try to pass on too much of my wisdom and knowledge on to her.
But I truly hope one day she will experience being a mom herself and know how it feels to love someone so much.
I am, after all, MOM