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2014 list – continued

Fireworks #1

The list has been hard to finish so I may just leave it at 30 items. They’re a lot anyway. I’ve gotten to do a few of the first 15 though, and well… the date went great, and the front of my place does look pretty remarkable with a new gardenia plant that will look (and smell) so sweet once it blooms 🙂

So here are the next 15:

15. study harder

16. cherish friendships

17. forgive those whom I’ve been harboring resentment towards

18. wear nicer, sexy clothes (skirts/dresses!)

19. chill more often with fam & friends

20. see a flamenco show

21. cook like a (semi) pro

22. appreciate time spent alone

23. go on a cruise to… Alaska!?! yes! I’d love that.

24. have enough nerve to go on more daring adventures; e.g., a hot air balloon ride

25. smile more often 🙂 🙂 😀

26. appreciate others around me and all they do

27. look for the good in everyone, no matter what, even if they’ve hurt me

28. Search for and make new home-cooked meals for me and daughter

29. make it a habit to workout at least 3 times a week (Yoga, Zumba, etc.)

30. give meaningful and practical gifts  (no dust collectors!)

During this Christmas it will be different as it will be the first time we have to split time with our child. Strange is more like it.

Perhaps I should write about that.